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Welcome to our new member portal

To Our Members and Friends,

Starting January 1, 2023, the New Jersey Water Association (NJWA) will launch a
new membership, training, and data management system.

We're excited about this new system, as it will allow us to provide better
member services, simplify course registration, and better track membership and
training data.

In addition, future enhancements will include an app that can be used to easily
register for courses, search our associate member database and access a digital
membership card.

Our membership structure and levels will remain the same: Systems Members,
Individual Members, and Associate Members.

NJWA System membership includes one primary contact. Additional system
employees may be added as NJWA Individual Members under the system.
NJWA Individual Membership includes persons employed by a NJWA Water or
Wastewater System Member, or persons retired or employed by a system or
business that is Not a member NJWA.

I'd like you to know that membership in the New Jersey Water Association will be
more important than ever. Members will have access to member-exclusive
training sessions, our app, advance notice of events and discounts on services.

We look forward to providing the expanded capacity and conveniences that will
be available to you, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Our best to you, always.